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Campground Policies

Policies, Rules, and Regulations

These policies are enforced at all times to ensure the comfort and safety of all our guests and to ensure the park runs smoothly.

-Reservations require a minimum of 5 nights- any changes to the number of days reserved or people on the site can be made with our office up to 45 days prior to you arrival date. There is a $10 charge for any changes.

-Number of days cannot be shortened upon arrival. You are commited to what you booked for and you reservation must be paid in full, less your deposit, upon arrival.

-We will only honor what you book for. Extra people or vehicles can not be added upon arrival. 

-Reservation deposits are $100 per site. Deposits are refundable, less $20, if you cancel more than 45 days before your arrival date. No deposit refunded if you cancel less than 45 days. No exceptions.

-Our rates are based on 2 adults and 2 minor children (under 18), with an additional charge for extra people on a site. We allow one family, and one camping unit per site, with a maximum of 4 adults (5 people). If you have more than 4 adults and 1 child, or 2 adults and 3 children, you will have to take another site.

-Dogs are allowed. There is an additional charge per dog, per night. Dog rules are listed below, and must be followed.
-The speed limit is 5km at all times.
-There is only one vehicle allowed on each site. Extra vehicles must be registered. Paid parking  
is provided at the front of the campground. Any extra parking must be booked for in advance.      
-There are no boats allowed on campsites. Boats must be registered, paid for, and parked in boat parking.

-Quiet time is between 11pm and 7am. No excessive noice or loud music will be tolerated at any time.

-All visitors must register at the office and park in visitor parking at the front. Visitors must leave by 11pm.
-Any unregistered vehicles will be towed at the owners expense.

-Registered guests are responsible for their visitors.

-Our gates close at 11pm. Registered guests only may enter until midnight. After midnight our gates are locked until 7am. There is night security in case of an emergency.

-No tents allowed on the grass in sections A, K, and R.

-No ropes around small trees, and no nails in any trees.

-No tarps on any grass.

-No wood fires. Propane fires are allowed but can not be left unattended and must be turned off by 11pm.

-Check in time is between 2pm and 10pm. Check out time is between 7am and 11am. Please re-register at office by 10am if you wish to stay another night. We do not allow anyone to drive in or out of our grates before 7am, as it disturbs others.


Dog Rules

-Dogs must be on a leash at all times, even at your campsite.
-Dogs are not permitted in any of the public buildings.
-You must always clean up after your dog.
-Dogs are not allowed to be left unattended on your site at any time, even if they are inside a tent or RV.
-No barking will be tolerated. If your dog is bothering your neighbors, you may be asked to leave.
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