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Reservations & Rates

As of 2011, we have changed our reservation system. From February 1st until the first Monday of March, we will be taking reservations by mail ONLY.  Please have your request in by February 1st to ensure your best chance of getting the area you request.  There is a very high demand for sites from July 15th to August 15th. We will begin taking reservations by mail only Feb 1st, or phone starting the first Monday in March. If you have any questions about your reservation, we will  be available starting that Monday. When making a reservation by mail, please include all of the information found below in the "Mail In Request" section. Reservations require a 5 night minimum, and a $100 deposit when booking. Deposits can be made by Visa, cheque or money order. Please review our policies for any other information.

Mail In Request

Last Name:________
First Name:________
Phone Number:________
Mailing Address:________
Number of People: Adults ___ Chrildren___ Ages of Children___
Number of Pets:________
Number of Boats:________        2nd Vehicle_____
Sleeping unit:________ Outside Measurement of unit: ________
Arrival Date:________ Departure Date:________
Section Request:1___2___3___4___5___
If not available general preference:________

A $100 deposit is required:
Paid by:
Chq #________ or
Visa #____________________Exp:_____

This is only a request form. We will mail out a confirmation form if approved. This will only be processed if a deposit is enclosed and all information is provided. Please inquire with our office A.S.A.P if there are any changes to what we have you booked for. Any changes to reservations must be made 45 days prior to your arrival date. You will only be allowed what you have booked for.

2018 Rates

All Rates are based on 2 adults and 2 minor children (under 18), with an additional charge for extra people on a site. We allow one family and one sleeping unit per site with a maximum of 4 adults and/or 5 people total. All prices are based on nightly rates only, and do not include tax.

RV Sites    
Pull Through Sites (30 amp)-$53 per night A18-26 K1-11
Full Hook ups (30 amp)-$52 per night A27-81, F1-28, G1-28, H1-28, R2-17, C1-34, B1-10, M1-14, L1-18, W1-13
Full Hook ups (15amp)-$46 per night B11-24 (for smaller units or tent trailers)

Tenting & Tent Trailers    
Power and Water (15 amp)-$45 per night C35-39, D1-15, R1
Unserviced Sites-$39 per night P1-10 (Tents only)

Extras-not including tax
Adults (18+)- $10 per adult per night
Children-$3 per child per night
Dogs-$3 per dog per night
2nd Vehicles-$5 per vehicle per night
Boats/Seadoo's/Utility and Tow Trailers-$5 per boat per night

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